Tags: embark | fort | armok | inspection | map

Provides commands that help you analyze natural resources.

Command: prospect

Shows a summary of resources that exist on the map.

It can also calculate an estimate of resources available in the selected embark area.


prospect [all|hell] [<options>]

By default, only the visible part of the map is scanned. Include the all keyword if you want prospect to scan the whole map as if it were revealed. Use hell instead of all if you also want to see the Z range of HFS tubes in the ‘features’ report section.


prospect all

Shows the entire report for the entire map.

prospect hell --show layers,ores,veins

Shows only the layers, ores, and other vein stone report sections, and includes information on HFS tubes (if run on a fortress map and not the pre-embark screen).

prospect all -sores

Show only information about ores for the pre-embark or fortress map report.


-s, --show <sections>

Shows only the named comma-separated list of report sections. Report section names are: summary, liquids, layers, features, ores, gems, veins, shrubs, and trees. If run during pre-embark, only the layers, ores, gems, and veins report sections are available.

-v, --values

Includes material value in the output. Most useful for the ‘gems’ report section.

Pre-embark estimate

If prospect is called during the embark selection screen, it displays an estimate of layer stone availability. If the all keyword is specified, it also estimates ores, gems, and vein material. The estimate covers all tiles of the embark rectangle.


The results of pre-embark prospect are an estimate, and can at best be expected to be somewhere within +/- 30% of the true amount; sometimes it does a lot worse. In particular, it is not clear how to precisely compute how many soil layers there will be in a given embark tile, so it can report a whole extra layer, or omit one that is actually present.