Tags: fort | armok | units

Command: pref-adjust

Set the preferences of a dwarf to an ideal.

This tool replaces a dwarf’s preferences with an “ideal” set which is easy to satisfy:

... likes iron, steel, weapons, armor, shields/bucklers and plump helmets
for their rounded tops.  When possible, she prefers to consume dwarven
wine, plump helmets, and prepared meals (quarry bush). She absolutely
detests trolls, buzzards, vultures and crundles.


pref-adjust all|goth_all|clear_all

Changes/clears preferences for all dwarves.

pref-adjust one|goth|clear

Changes/clears preferences for the currently selected dwarf.

pref-adjust list

List all types of preferences. No changes will be made to any dwarves.


pref-adjust all

Change preferences for all dwarves to an ideal.

Goth mode

If you select goth mode, this tool will apply the following set of preferences instead of the easy-to-satisfy ideal defaults:

... likes dwarf skin, corpses, body parts, remains, coffins, the color
black, crosses, glumprongs for their living shadows and snow demons for
their horrifying features.  When possible, she prefers to consume sewer
brew, gutter cruor and bloated tubers.  She absolutely detests elves,
humans and dwarves.