Command: mousequery

Adds mouse controls to the DF interface.

Adds mouse controls to the DF interface. For example, with mousequery you can click on buildings to configure them, hold the mouse button to draw dig designations, or click and drag to move the map around.


enable mousequery
mousequery [rbutton|track|edge|live] [enable|disable]
mousequery drag [left|right|disable]
mousequery delay [<ms>]

When the right mouse button is clicked, cancel out of menus or scroll the main map if you r-click near an edge.


Move the cursor with the mouse instead of the cursor keys when you are in build or designation modes.


Scroll the map when you move the cursor to a map edge. See delay below. If enabled also enables track.


Set delay in milliseconds for map edge scrolling. Omit the amount to display the current setting.


Display information in the lower right corner of the screen about the items/building/tile under the cursor, even while unpaused.


mousequery rbutton enable

Enable using the right mouse button to cancel out of menus and scroll the map.

mousequery delay 300

When run after mousequery edge enable, sets the edge scrolling delay to 300ms.