Command: markdown

Exports the text you see on the screen for posting online.

This tool saves a copy of a text screen, formatted in markdown, for posting to Reddit (among other places). See forum-dwarves if you want to export BBCode for posting to the Bay 12 forums.

This script will attempt to read the current screen, and if it is a text viewscreen (such as the dwarf ‘thoughts’ screen or an item ‘description’) then append a marked-down version of this text to the output file. Previous entries in the file are not overwritten, so you may use the markdown command multiple times to create a single document containing the text from multiple screens, like thoughts from several dwarves or descriptions from multiple artifacts.

The screens which have been tested and known to function properly with this script are:

  1. dwarf/unit ‘thoughts’ screen

  2. item/art ‘description’ screen

  3. individual ‘historical item/figure’ screens

  4. manual pages

  5. announcements screen

  6. combat reports screen

  7. latest news (when meeting with liaison)

There may be other screens to which the script applies. It should be safe to attempt running the script with any screen active. An error message will inform you when the selected screen is not appropriate for this script.


markdown [-n] [<name>]

The output is appended to the file by default. If an alternate name is specified, then a file named like md_{name}.md is used instead.



Appends the contents of the current screen to the file.

markdown artifacts

Appends the contents of the current screen to the file.



Overwrite the contents of output file instead of appending.