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Provides commands for interacting with jobs.

Command: job

Inspect or modify details of workshop jobs.

Command: job-duplicate

Duplicates the highlighted job.

Command: job-material

Alters the material of the selected job.



Print details of the current job. The job can be selected in a workshop or the unit/jobs screen.

job list

Print details of all jobs in the selected workshop.

job item-material <item-idx> <material[:subtoken]>

Replace the exact material id in the job item.

job item-type <item-idx> <type[:subtype]>

Replace the exact item type id in the job item.


Duplicates the highlighted job. Must be in q mode and have a workshop or furnace building selected.

job-material <inorganic-token>

Alters the material of the selected job (in q mode) or jumps to the selected material when choosing the building component of a planned building (in b mode). Note that this form of the command can only handle inorganic materials.

Use the job and job list commands to discover the type and material ids for existing jobs, or use the following commands to see the full lists:

lua @df.item_type
lua "for i,mat in ipairs( do if mat.material.flags.IS_STONE and not mat.material.flags.NO_STONE_STOCKPILE then print(i, end end"


job-material GNEISS

Change the selected “Construct rock Coffin” job at a Mason’s workshop to “Construct gneiss coffin”.

job item-material 2 MARBLE

Change the selected “Construct Traction Bench” job (which has three source items: a table, a mechanism, and a chain) to specifically use a marble mechanism.

job item-type 2 TABLE

Change the selected “Encrust furniture with blue jade” job (which has two source items: a cut gem and a piece of improvable furniture) to specifically use a table instead of just any furniture.