Tags: fort | interface

Command: hide-tutorials

Hide new fort tutorial popups.

If you’ve played the game before and don’t need to see the tutorial popups that show up on every new fort, hide-tutorials can hide them for you. You can enable this tool as a system service in the “Services” tab of gui/control-panel so it takes effect for all new or loaded forts.

Specifically, this tool hides:

  • The popup displayed when creating a new world

  • The “Do you want to start a tutorial embark” popup

  • Popups displayed the first time you open the labor, burrows, justice, and other similar screens in a new fort

Note that only unsolicited tutorial popups are hidden. If you directly request a tutorial page from the help, then it will still function normally.


enable hide-tutorials

If you haven’t enabled the tool, but you run the command while a fort is loaded, all future popups for the loaded fort will be hidden.