Tags: fort | armok | map

Command: hfs-pit

Creates a pit straight to the underworld.

This script creates a pit to the underworld, starting at the cursor position and going down, down down.


hfs-pit [<size> [<walls> [<stairs>]]]

The first parameter is the “radius” in tiles of the (square) pit, that is, how many tiles to open up in each direction around the cursor. The default is 1, meaning a single column.

The second parameter is 1 to wall off the sides of the pit on all layers except the underworld, or anything else to leave them open.

The third parameter is 1 to add stairs in the middle of the pit or anything else to just have an open channel.

Note that stairs are buggy; they will not reveal the bottom until you dig somewhere, but underworld creatures will path in.



Create a single-tile wide pit with no walls or stairs.

hfs-pit 4 1 0

A seven-across pit (the center tile plus three on each side) with stairs but no containing walls.

hfs-pit 2 0 1

A five-across pit with no stairs but with containing walls.