Command: gui/autogems

Automatically cut rough gems.

This is a frontend for the autogems plugin that allows interactively configuring the gem types that you want to be cut.

The following controls apply to the gems currently listed:

  • s: Searches for matching gems

  • Shift+Enter: Toggles the status of all listed gems

The following controls apply to the gems currently listed, as well as gems listed before the current search with s, if applicable:

  • r: Displays only “rock crystal” gems

  • c: Displays only gems whose color matches the selected gem

  • m: Displays only gems where at least one rough (uncut) gem is available

    somewhere on the map

This behavior is intended to allow for things like a search for “lazuli” followed by pressing c to select all gems with the same color as lapis lazuli (5 blue gems in vanilla DF), rather than further restricting that to gems with “lazuli” in their name (only 1).

x clears all filters, which is currently the only way to undo filters (besides searching), and is useful to verify the gems selected.