Tags: fort | armok | items

Command: gui/autodump

Teleport or destroy items.

Keybinding: CtrlH in dwarfmode

This is a general point and click interface for teleporting or destroying items. By default, it will teleport items you have marked for dumping, but if you draw boxes around items on the map, it will act on the selected items instead. Double-click anywhere on the map to teleport the items there. Be wary (or excited) that if you teleport the items into an unsupported position (e.g. mid-air), then they will become projectiles and fall.

There are options to include or exclude forbidden items, items that are currently tagged as being used by an active job, and items dropped by traders. If trader items are included, the trader flag will be cleared upon teleport so the items can be used.



Destroying items

This tool also allows you to destroy the target items instead of teleporting them. When you click the destroy button (or hit the hotkey), gui/autodump will force-pause the game and enable an “Undo” button, just in case you want those items back. Once you exit the gui/autodump tool, those items will be unrecoverable.