Command: getplants

Designate trees for chopping and shrubs for gathering.

Specify the types of trees to cut down and/or shrubs to gather by their plant names.


getplants [-t|-s|-f]

List valid tree/shrub ids, optionally restricted to the specified type.

getplants <id> [<id> ...] [<options>]

Designate trees/shrubs of the specified types for chopping/gathering.



List all valid IDs.

getplants -f -a

Gather all plants on the map that yield seeds for farming.

getplants NETHER_CAP -n 10

Designate 10 nether cap trees for chopping.



Tree: Select trees only (exclude shrubs).


Shrub: Select shrubs only (exclude trees).


Farming: Designate only shrubs that yield seeds for farming.


All: Select every type of plant (obeys -t/-s/-f).


Clear: Clear designations instead of setting them.


eXcept: Apply selected action to all plants except those specified (invert selection).


Verbose: Lists the number of (un)designations per plant.

-n <num>

Number: Designate up to the specified number of plants of each species.


DF is capable of determining that a shrub has already been picked, leaving an unusable structure part behind. This plugin does not perform such a check (as the location of the required information has not yet been identified). This leads to some shrubs being designated when they shouldn’t be, causing a plant gatherer to walk there and do nothing (except clearing the designation). See Issue 1479 for details.