Tags: fort | armok | units

Command: full-heal

Fully heal the selected unit.

This script attempts to heal the selected unit from anything, optionally including death.



Completely heal the currently selected unit.

full-heal --unit <unitId>

Completely heal the unit with the given ID.

full-heal -r [--keep_corpse]

Heal the unit, raising from the dead if needed. If --keep_corpse is specified, don’t remove their corpse. The unit can be targeted by selecting its corpse in the UI.

full-heal --all [-r] [--keep_corpse]

Heal all units on the map, optionally resurrecting them if dead.

full-heal --all_citizens [-r] [--keep_corpse]

Heal all fortress citizens on the map. Does not include pets.

full-heal --all_civ [-r] [--keep_corpse]

Heal all units belonging to your parent civilization, including pets and visitors.



Fully heal the selected unit.

full-heal -r --keep_corpse --unit 23273

Fully heal unit 23273. If this unit was dead, it will be resurrected without removing the corpse - creepy!