Tags: fort | armok | gameplay

Command: force

Trigger in-game events.

This tool triggers events like megabeasts, caravans, and migrants. Note that you can only trigger one caravan per civ at the same time, and that DF may choose to ignore events that are triggered too frequently.


force <event> [<civ id>]

The civ id is only used for Diplomat and Caravan events, and defaults to the player civilization if not specified.

The default civ IDs that you are likely to be interested in are:

  • MOUNTAIN (dwarves)

  • PLAINS (humans)

  • FOREST (elves)

But to see IDs for all civilizations in your current game, run this command:

devel/query --table --search code --maxdepth 2

Event types

The recognized event types are:

  • Caravan

  • Migrants

  • Diplomat

  • Megabeast

  • WildlifeCurious

  • WildlifeMischievous

  • WildlifeFlier

  • NightCreature