Command: fix/population-cap

Ensure the population cap is respected.

Run this after every migrant wave to ensure your population cap is not exceeded.

The reason this tool is needed is that the game only updates the records of your current population when a dwarven caravan successfully leaves for the mountainhomes. If your population was under the cap at that point, you will continue to get migrant waves. If another caravan never comes (or is never able to leave), you’ll get migrant waves forever.

This tool ensures the population value always reflects the current population of your fort.

Note that even with this tool, a migration wave can still overshoot the limit by 1-2 dwarves because the last migrant might choose to bring their family. Likewise, monarch arrival ignores the population cap.




repeat --time 1 --timeUnits months --command [ fix/population-cap ]

Automatically run this fix after every migrant wave to keep the population values up to date.