Tags: fort | bugfix | items

Command: fix/empty-wheelbarrows

Empties stuck items from wheelbarrows.

Empties all wheelbarrows which contain rocks that have become ‘stuck’ in them.

This works around the issue encountered with Bug 6074, and should be run if you notice wheelbarrows lying around with rocks in them that aren’t being used in a task. This script can also be set to run periodically in the background by toggling the Maintenance task in gui/control-panel.


fix/empty-wheelbarrows [<options>]



Empties all items, listing all wheelbarrows emptied and their contents.

fix/empty-wheelbarrows --dry-run

Lists all wheelbarrows that would be emptied and their contents without performing the action.

fix/empty-wheelbarrows --quiet

Does the action while surpressing output to console.


-q, --quiet

Surpress console output (final status update is still printed if at least one item was affected).

-d, --dry-run

Dry run, don’t commit changes.