Tags: unavailable | fort | bugfix | map

Command: fix-unit-occupancy

Fix phantom unit occupancy issues.

If you see “unit blocking tile” messages that you can’t account for (Bug 3499), this tool can help.


enable fix-unit-occupancy
fix-unit-occupancy [here] [-n]
fix-unit-occupancy interval <num_ticks>

When run without arguments (or with just the here or -n parameters), the fix just runs once. You can also have it run periodically by enabling the plugin.



Run once and fix all occupancy issues on the map.

fix-unit-occupancy -n

Report on, but do not fix, all occupancy issues on the map.



Only operate on the tile at the cursor.


Report issues, but do not write any changes to the map.

interval <num_ticks>

Set how often the plugin will check for and fix issues when it is enabled. The default is 1200 ticks, or 1 game day.