Tags: fort | armok | map

Command: dig-now

Instantly complete dig designations.

This tool will magically complete non-marker dig designations, modifying tile shapes and creating boulders, ores, and gems as if a miner were doing the mining or engraving. By default, the entire map is processed and boulder generation follows standard game rules, but the behavior is configurable.

Note that no units will get mining or engraving experience for the dug/engraved tiles.

Trees and roots are not currently handled by this plugin and will be skipped. Requests for engravings are also skipped since they would depend on the skill and creative choices of individual engravers. Other types of engraving (i.e. smoothing and track carving) are handled.


dig-now [<pos> [<pos>]] [<options>]

Where the optional <pos> pair can be used to specify the coordinate bounds within which dig-now will operate. If they are not specified, dig-now will scan the entire map. If only one <pos> is specified, only the tile at that coordinate is processed.

Any <pos> parameters can either be an <x>,<y>,<z> triple (e.g. 35,12,150) or the string here, which means the position of the active game cursor should be used. You can use the position command to get the current cursor position if you need it.



Dig designated tiles according to standard game rules.

dig-now --clean

Dig all designated tiles, but don’t generate any boulders, ores, or gems.

dig-now --dump here

Dig tiles and teleport all generated boulders, ores, and gems to the tile under the game cursor.


-c, --clean

Don’t generate any boulders, ores, or gems. Equivalent to --percentages 0,0,0,0.

-d, --dump <pos>

Dump any generated items at the specified coordinates. If the tile at those coordinates is open space or is a wall, items will be generated on the closest walkable tile below.

-e, --everywhere

Generate a boulder, ore, or gem for every tile that can produce one. Equivalent to --percentages 100,100,100,100.

-p, --percentages <layer>,<vein>,<small cluster>,<deep>

Set item generation percentages for each of the tile categories. The vein category includes both the large oval clusters and the long stringy mineral veins. Default is 25,33,100,100.

-z, --cur-zlevel

Restricts the bounds to the currently visible z-level.