Tags: embark | fort | gameplay

Command: deep-embark

Start a fort deep underground.

Moves the starting units and equipment to a specified underground region upon embarking so you can start your fort from there.

Run this script while setting up an embark, any time before the embark welcome message appears.


deep-embark --depth <layer> [<options>]

Start monitoring the game for the welcome message. Once the embark welcome message appears, your units and equipment will automatically be moved to the specified layer.

deep-embark --clear

Stop monitoring the game for the welcome message, effectively restoring normal embarks on the surface.


deep-embark --depth CAVERN_2

Embark in the second cavern layer

deep-embark --depth UNDERWORLD --blockDemons

Embark in the underworld and disable the usual welcoming party.


--depth <layer>

Embark at the specified layer. Valid layers are: CAVERN_1, CAVERN_2, CAVERN_3, and UNDERWORLD.


Prevent the demon surge that is normally generated when you breach an underworld spire. Use this with --depth UNDERWORLD to survive past the first few minutes. Note that “wildlife” demon spawning will be unaffected.


Enable deep embarks when reclaiming sites.


Re-enable normal surface embarks.

Deep embarks for mods

If you are creating a mod and you want to enable deep embarks by default, create a file called “onLoad.init” in the DF raw folder (if one does not exist already) and enter the deep-embark command within it.