Tags: fort | productivity | items

Command: cleanowned

Confiscates and dumps garbage owned by dwarves.

This tool gets dwarves to give up ownership of scattered items and items with heavy wear and then marks those items for dumping. Now you can finally get your dwarves to give up their rotten food and tattered loincloths and go get new ones!


cleanowned [<types>] [dryrun]

When run without parameters, cleanowned will confiscate and dump rotten items and owned food that is left behind on the floor. Specify the dryrun parameter to just print out what would be done, but don’t actually confiscate anything.

You can confiscate additional types of items by adding them to the commandline:


Confiscate/dump all items scattered on the floor.


Confiscate/dump items with wear level ‘x’ (lightly worn) and more.


Confiscate/dump items with wear level ‘X’ (heavily worn) and more.

Or you can confiscate all owned items by specifying all.


cleanowned scattered X

Confiscate and dump rotten and dropped food, garbage on the floors, and any worn items with ‘X’ damage and above.