Tags: adventure | fort | armok | fps | items | map | units

Provides commands for cleaning spatter from the map.

Command: clean

Removes contaminants.

Command: spotclean

Remove all contaminants from the tile under the cursor.

Keybinding: CtrlC in dwarfmode

This plugin provides commands that clean the splatter that get scattered all over the map and that clings to your items and units. In an old fortress, cleaning with this tool can significantly reduce FPS lag! It can also spoil your !!FUN!!, so think before you use it.


clean all|map|items|units|plants [<options>]

By default, cleaning the map leaves mud and snow alone. Note that cleaning units includes hostiles, and that cleaning items removes poisons from weapons.

spotclean works like clean map snow mud, removing all contaminants from the tile under the cursor. This is ideal if you just want to clean a specific tile but don’t want the cleaners command to remove all the glorious blood from your entranceway.


clean all

Clean everything that can be cleaned (except mud and snow).

clean all mud item snow

Removes all spatter, including mud, leaves, and snow from map tiles.


When cleaning the map, you can specify extra options for extra cleaning:


Also remove mud.


Also remove item spatter, like fallen leaves and flowers.


Also remove snow coverings.