Tags: adventure | fort | armok | items

Command: changeitem

Change item material, quality, and subtype.

By default, a change is only allowed if the existing and desired item materials are of the same subtype (for example wood -> wood, stone -> stone, etc). But since some transformations work pretty well and may be desired you can override this with force. Note that forced changes can possibly result in items that crafters and haulers refuse to touch.


changeitem info

Show details about the selected item. Does not change the item. You can use this command to discover RAW ids for existing items.

changeitem [<options>]

Change the item selected in the k list or inside a container/inventory.

changeitem here [<options>]

Change all items at the cursor position. Requires in-game cursor.


changeitem here m INORGANIC:GRANITE

Change material of all stone items under the cursor to granite.

changeitem q 5

Change currently selected item to masterpiece quality.


m, material <RAW id>

Change material. Must be followed by valid material RAW id.

s, subtype <RAW id>

Change subtype. Must be followed by a valid subtype RAW id.”

q, quality <quality>

Change base quality. Must be followed by number (0-5) with 0 being no quality and 5 being masterpiece quality.


Ignore subtypes and force the change to the new material.