Tags: fort | armok | bugfix

Command: caravan

Adjust properties of caravans on the map.

This tool can help with caravans that are leaving too quickly, refuse to unload, or are just plain unhappy that you are such a poor negotiator.

Also see force for creating caravans.


caravan [list]
caravan extend [<days> [<ids>]]
caravan happy [<ids>]
caravan leave [<ids>]
caravan unload

Commands listed with the argument [<ids>] can take multiple (space-separated) caravan IDs (see caravan list to get the IDs). If no IDs are specified, then the commands apply to all caravans on the map.



List IDs and information about all caravans on the map.

caravan extend

Force a caravan that is leaving to return to the depot and extend their stay another 7 days.

caravan extend 30 0 1

Extend the time that caravans 0 and 1 stay at the depot by 30 days. If the caravans have already started leaving, they will return to the depot.

caravan happy

Make the active caravans willing to trade again (after seizing goods, annoying merchants, etc.). If the caravan has already started leaving in a huff, they will return to the depot.

caravan leave

Makes caravans pack up and leave immediately.

caravan unload

Fix a caravan that got spooked by wildlife and refuses to fully unload.


Additional functionality is provided on the various trade-related screens via overlay widgets.

Trade screen

  • Shift+Click checkbox: Select all items inside a bin without selecting the

    bin itself

  • Ctrl+Click checkbox: Collapse or expand a single bin (as is possible in

    the “Move goods to/from depot” screen)

  • Ctrl+c: Collapses all bins. The hotkey hint can also be clicked as though

    it were a button.

  • Ctrl+x: Collapses everything (all item categories and anything

    collapsible within each category). The hotkey hint can also be clicked as though it were a button.

There is also a reminder of the fast scroll functionality provided by the vanilla game when you hold shift while scrolling (this works everywhere).

You can turn the overlay on and off in gui/control-panel, or you can reposition it to your liking with gui/overlay. The overlay is named caravan.tradeScreenExtension.

Bring item to depot

When the trade depot is selected, a button appears to bring up the DFHack enhanced move trade goods screen. You’ll get a searchable, sortable list of all your tradeable items, with hotkeys to quickly select or deselect all visible items.

There are filter sliders for selecting items of various condition levels and quality. For example, you can quickly trade all your tattered, frayed, and worn clothing by setting the condition slider to include from tattered to worn, then hitting Ctrl-V to select all.

Click on an item and shift-click on a second item to toggle all items between the two that you clicked on. If the one that you shift-clicked on was selected, the range of items will be deselected. If the one you shift-clicked on was not selected, then the range of items will be selected.

Trade agreement

A small panel is shown with a hotkey (Ctrl-A) for selecting all/none in the currently shown category.