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Command: autonick

Give dwarves random unique nicknames.

Names are chosen randomly from the dfhack-config/autonick.txt config file, which you can edit with your own preferred names, if you like.

Dwarves who already have nicknames will keep the nicknames they have, and no other dwarf will be assigned that nickname.

If there are fewer available nicknames than dwarves, the remaining dwarves will go un-nicknamed.


autonick all [<options>]

You may wish to use this script with the “repeat” command so that new migrants automatically get nicknamed:

repeat -name autonick -time 3 -timeUnits months -command [ autonick all ]


-q, --quiet

Do not report how many dwarves were given nicknames.

Config file format

The dfhack-config/autonick.txt config file has a simple format:

  • One nickname per line

  • Empty lines, lines beginning with #, and repeat entries are discarded

You can add any nicknames you like!