Tags: fort | auto | labors

Command: autofish

Auto-manage fishing labors to control your stock of fish.

This script makes managing how much fish you keep around automatic. It tries to maintain a configured stock level of raw and/or prepared fish, partially to keep item quantities from ballooning out of control, and partly to try and prevent collecting too many rotten fish.


enable autofish

Enable the script

disable autofish

Disable the script

autofish status

Show the current status of the script, your configured values, and whether or not fishing is currently enabled.

autofish <max> [min] [<options>]

Change autofish settings.

Positional Parameters


(default: 100) controls the maximum amount of fish you want to keep on hand in your fortress. Fishing will be disabled when the amount of fish goes above this value.


(default: 75) controls the minimum fish you want before restarting fishing.


r, --raw (true | false)

(default: true) Set whether or not raw fish should be counted in the running total of fish in your fortress.


enable autofish

Enables the script.

autofish 150 -r true

Sets your maximum fish to 150, and enables counting raw fish.

autofish 300 250

Sets your maximum fish to 300 and minimum to 250.