Tags: fort | armok | units

Command: assign-goals

Adjust a unit’s goals and dreams.

Goals are defined with a goal token and a flag indicating whether the goal has been achieved. For now, this flag should always be set to false. For a list of possible goals, please run devel/query --table df.goal_type or see the wiki.

Bear in mind that nothing will stop you from assigning zero or multiple goals, but it’s not clear how that will affect the game.


assign-goals [--unit <id>] <options>


assign-goals --reset --goals [ MASTER_A_SKILL false ]

Clears all the selected unit goals, then sets the “master a skill” goal. The final result will be: “dreams of mastering a skill”.


--unit <id>

The target unit ID. If not present, the currently selected unit will be the target.

--goals [ <goal> false [<goal> false ...] ]

The list of goals to add. The valid goal tokens can be found in the Personality_trait (substitute any space with underscores). There must be a space before and after each square bracket.


Clear all goals. If both this option and --goals are specified, the unit’s goals will be cleared and then the listed goals will be added.