Command: 3dveins

Rewrite layer veins to expand in 3D space.

Existing, flat veins are removed and new 3D veins that naturally span z-levels are generated in their place. The transformation preserves the mineral counts reported by prospector.


3dveins [verbose]

The verbose option prints out extra information to the console.



New veins are generated using natural-looking 3D Perlin noise in order to produce a layout that flows smoothly between z-levels. The vein distribution is based on the world seed, so running the command for the second time should produce no change. It is best to run it just once immediately after embark.

This command is intended as only a cosmetic change, so it takes care to exactly preserve the mineral counts reported by prospect all. The amounts of layer stones may slightly change in some cases if vein mass shifts between z layers.

The only undo option is to restore your save from backup.