"dfhack" tag index

Tools that you use to run DFHack commands or interact with the DFHack library. This tag also includes tools that help you manage the DF game itself (e.g. quicksave, etc.)

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alias Configure helper aliases for other DFHack commands.
cls Clear the terminal screen.
die Instantly exit DF without saving.
disable Deactivate a DFHack tool that has some persistent effect.
enable Activate a DFHack tool that has some persistent effect.
faststart (plugin) Makes the main menu appear sooner.
forum-dwarves Exports the text you see on the screen for posting to the forums.
fpause Forces DF to pause.
gui/control-panel Configure DFHack.
gui/cp437-table Virtual keyboard for typing with the mouse.
gui/gm-editor Inspect and edit DF game data.
gui/gm-unit Inspect and edit unit attributes.
gui/launcher In-game DFHack command launcher with integrated help.
gui/load-screen Replace DF's continue game screen with a searchable list.
gui/mod-manager Save and restore lists of active mods.
gui/overlay Reposition DFHack overlay widgets.
gui/prerelease-warning Shows a warning if you are using a pre-release build of DFHack.
gui/quickcmd Quickly run saved commands.
gui/settings-manager Dynamically adjust global DF settings.
help Display help about a command or plugin.
hide Hide the DFHack terminal window.
hotkeys Show all DFHack keybindings for the current context.
install-info Exports information about DFHack for bug reports.
keybinding Create hotkeys that will run DFHack commands.
kill-lua Gracefully stop any currently-running Lua scripts.
load Load and register a plugin library.
load-save Load a savegame.
ls List available DFHack commands.
lua Run Lua script commands.
markdown Exports the text you see on the screen for posting online.
multicmd Run multiple DFHack commands.
on-new-fortress Run commands when a fortress is first started.
once-per-save Run commands only if they haven't been run before in this world.
overlay Manage on-screen overlay widgets.
plug List available plugins and whether they are enabled.
quicksave Immediately autosave the game.
reload Reload a loaded plugin.
repeat Call a DFHack command at a periodic interval.
sc-script Run commands when game state changes occur.
script Execute a batch file of DFHack commands.
setfps Set the graphics FPS cap.
show Unhides the DFHack terminal window.
tags List the categories of DFHack tools or the tools with those tags.
type Describe how a command is implemented.
unload Unload a plugin from memory.