Tags: fort | armok | items

Command: gui/create-item

Summon items from the aether.

This tool provides a graphical interface for creating items of your choice. It walks you through the creation process with a series of prompts, asking you for the type of item, the material, the quality, and the quantity.

If a unit is selected, that unit will be designated the creator of the summoned items. The items will appear at that unit’s feet. If no unit is selected, the first citizen unit will be used as the creator.


gui/create-item [<options>]



Walk player through the creation of an item that can normally exist in the game.

gui/create-item --unrestricted --count 1

Create one item made of anything in the game. For example, you can create a bar of vomit, if you please.


-c, --count <num>

Set the quantity of items to create instead of prompting for it.

-u, --unit <id>

Use the specified unit as the “creator” of the generated item instead of the selected unit or the first citizen.

-f, --unrestricted

Don’t restrict the material options to only those that are normally appropriate for the selected item type.


Instead of showing the item creation interface, start monitoring for a modded reaction with a code of DFHACK_WISH. When a reaction with that code is completed, show the item creation gui (with --count 1). This allows you to mod in “wands of wishing” that can let your adventurer make wishes for an item.