"jobs" tag index

Tools that interact with jobs.

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do-job-now Mark the job related to what you're looking at as high priority.
dwarfmonitor Report on dwarf preferences and efficiency.
gui/gm-editor Inspect and edit DF game data.
gui/workflow Manage automated item production rules.
gui/workshop-job Adjust the input materials used for a job at a workshop.
jobutils (plugin) Provides commands for interacting with jobs.
job Inspect or modify details of workshop jobs.
job-duplicate Duplicates the highlighted job.
job-material Alters the material of the selected job.
prioritize Automatically boost the priority of selected job types.
showmood Shows all items needed for the active strange mood.
suspend Suspends building construction jobs.
suspendmanager Intelligently suspend and unsuspend jobs.
unsuspend Unsuspends building construction jobs.
work-now Reduce the time that dwarves idle after completing a job.
workflow Manage automated item production rules.