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Sort lists shown in the DF interface.

Command: sort-items

Sort the visible item list.

Command: sort-units

Sort the visible unit list.


sort-items <property> [<property> ...]
sort-units <property> [<property> ...]

Both commands sort the visible list using the given sequence of comparisons. Each property can be prefixed with a < or > character to indicate whether elements that don’t have the given property defined go first or last (respectively) in the sorted list.


sort-items material type quality

Sort a list of items by material, then by type, then by quality

sort-units profession name

Sort a list of units by profession, then by name


Items can be sorted by the following properties:

  • type

  • description

  • base_quality

  • quality

  • improvement

  • wear

  • material

Units can be sorted by the following properties:

  • name

  • age

  • arrival

  • noble

  • profession

  • profession_class

  • race

  • squad

  • squad_position

  • happiness