Tags: fort | armok | inspection | units

Command: cursecheck

Check for cursed creatures.

This command checks a single map tile (or the whole map/world) for cursed creatures (ghosts, vampires, necromancers, werebeasts, zombies, etc.).

With an active in-game cursor, only the selected tile will be checked. Without a cursor, the whole map will be checked.

By default, you will just see the count of cursed creatures in case you just want to find out if you have any of them running around in your fort. Dead and passive creatures (ghosts who were put to rest, killed vampires, etc.) are ignored. Undead skeletons, corpses, bodyparts and the like are all thrown into the curse category “zombie”. Anonymous zombies and resurrected body parts will show as “unnamed creature”.


cursecheck [<options>]


  • cursecheck

    Display a count of cursed creatures on the map (or under the cursor).

  • cursecheck detail all

    Give detailed info about all cursed creatures including deceased ones.

  • cursecheck nick

    Give a nickname to all living/active cursed creatures.


If you do a full search (with the option “all”) former ghosts will show up with the cursetype “unknown” because their ghostly flag is not set.

If you see any living/active creatures with a cursetype of “unknown”, then it is most likely a new type of curse introduced by a mod.



Print full name, date of birth, date of curse, and some status info (some vampires might use fake identities in-game, though).


Set the type of curse as nickname (does not always show up in-game; some vamps don’t like nicknames).


Print the creature and race IDs.


Include dead and passive cursed creatures (this can result in quite a long list after having !!FUN!! with necromancers).


Print all curse tags (if you really want to know it all).