Command: ban-cooking

Protect entire categories of ingredients from being cooked.

This tool provides a far more convenient way to ban cooking categories of foods than the native kitchen interface.



ban-cooking <type|all> [<type> …] [<options>]

Valid types are booze, brew, fruit, honey, milk, mill, oil, seeds (i.e. non-tree plants with seeds), tallow, and thread. It is possible to include multiple types or all types in a single ban-cooking call: ban-cooking oil tallow will ban both oil and tallow from cooking. ban-cooking all will ban all types from cooking.


on-new-fortress ban-cooking booze; ban-cooking brew; ban-cooking fruit;
ban-cooking honey; ban-cooking milk; ban-cooking mill; ban-cooking oil;
ban-cooking seeds; ban-cooking tallow; ban-cooking thread

Ban cooking all otherwise useful ingredients once when starting a new fortress.


-v, --verbose

Print each ban as it happens.