Tags: fort | armok | units

Command: teleport

Teleport a unit anywhere.

This tool teleports any unit, friendly or hostile, to somewhere else on the map.


gui/teleport is an in-game UI for this script.


teleport [--unit <id>] [-x <x> -y <y> -z <z>]

When teleporting, if no unit id is specified, the unit under the cursor is used. If no coordinates are specified, then the coordinates under the cursor are used. Either the unit id or the coordinates must be specified for this command to be useful.

You can use the cprobe command to discover a unit’s id, or the position command to discover the map coordinates under the cursor.


Discover the id of the unit beneath the cursor and then teleport that unit to a new cursor position:

teleport --unit 2342

Discover the coordinates under the cursor, then teleport a selected unit to that position:

teleport -x 34 -y 20 -z 163

Teleport unit 1234 to 56,115,26:

teleport -unit 1234 -x 56 -y 115 -z 26