DFHack config file examples

The hack/examples folder contains ready-to-use examples of various DFHack configuration files. You can use them by copying them to appropriate folders where DFHack and its plugins can find them (details below). You can use them unmodified, or you can customize them to better suit your preferences.

The init/ subfolder

The init/ subfolder contains useful DFHack Init files that you can copy into your dfhack-config/init folder – the same directory as dfhack.init.


This is the config file that designed for the Dreamfort set of blueprints, but it is useful (and customizable) for any fort. It includes the following config:

  • Calls ban-cooking for items that have important alternate uses and should not be cooked. This configuration is only set when a fortress is first started, so later manual changes will not be overridden.

  • Automates calling of various fort maintenance scripts, like cleanowned and fix/stuckdoors.

  • Keeps your manager orders intelligently ordered with orders sort so no orders block other orders from ever getting completed.

  • Periodically enqueues orders to shear and milk shearable and milkable pets.

  • Sets up autofarm to grow 30 units of every crop, except for pig tails, which is set to 150 units to support the textile industry.

  • Sets up seedwatch to protect 30 of every type of seed.

  • Configures prioritize to automatically boost the priority of important and time-sensitive tasks that could otherwise get ignored in busy forts, like hauling food, tanning hides, storing items in vehicles, pulling levers, and removing constructions.

  • Optimizes autobutcher settings for raising geese, alpacas, sheep, llamas, and pigs. Adds sensible defaults for all other animals, including dogs and cats. There are instructions in the file for customizing the settings for other combinations of animals. These settings are also only set when a fortress is first started, so any later changes you make to autobutcher settings won’t be overridden.

  • Enables automelt, tailor, zone, nestboxes, and autonestbox.