Stonesense is an isometric visualizer for Dwarf Fortress, implemented as a DFHack plugin.

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The DFHack command stonesense (or ssense) opens Stonesense in a new window. This viewer window has read-only access to the game, and can follow the game view, or be moved independently.

stonesense overlay replaces the map section of your DF window. Note that it’s not (yet) suitable for use as your only interface. Use DF’s [PRINT_MODE:2D] init option for stability. For best results, edit [segmentsize_z:2] in init.txt, and if you are unable to see the edges of the map with the overlay active try decreasing the [segmentsize_XY] - normal values are 50 to 80 depending on your screen resolution.


The above-ground part of the fortress Roadtruss.

Configuration options are documented and can be pre-set in ../resources/init.txt.


Mouse controls are hard-coded and cannot be changed.

Left click:Move debug cursor (if available)
Right click:Recenter screen
Scrollwheel:Move up and down
Ctrl-Scroll:Increase/decrease Z depth shown

Follow mode makes the Stonesense view follow the location of the DF window. The offset can be adjusted by holding Ctrl while using the keyboard window movement keys. When you turn on cursor follow mode, the Stonesense debug cursor will follow the DF cursor when the latter exists.

You can take screenshots with F5, larger screenshots with CtrlF5, and screenshot the whole map at full resolution with CtrlShiftF5. The latter two require a decent graphics card.

See ../resources/keybinds.txt to learn or set keybindings, including zooming, changing the dimensions of the rendered area, toggling various views, fog, and rotation. Here’s the important section:


This document specifies the keys and associated actions stonesense 
can recognize.  The syntax is: 
        [<action name>:<action key 1>:<action key 2> ... ]
If the closing brace is preceeded by an asterisk: 
then the keys specified will repeat each frame until released, 
otherwise it will occur exactly once each time the character is

It is possible to specify the same action on multiple lines, or 
to leave action names out of the list completely.  

Listing multiple actions on the same line is not supported.  
Likewise listing the same key for multiple actions will result 
in only the last action listed being the one taken when the key is 
pressed.  Currently only keyboard events are supported; 
stonesense's mouse events are all hardcoded.  

A complete listing of valid actions and key values can be found at 
the bottom of this file.  




Known Issues

If Stonesense gives an error saying that it can’t load creatures/large_256/*.png, your video card cannot handle the high detail sprites used. Either open creatures/init.txt and remove the line containing that folder, or use these smaller sprites.

Stonesense requires working graphics acceleration, and we recomend at least a dual core CPU to avoid slowing down your game of DF.